Hello fellow trekker and adventurer, Welcome to Rinjani Expedition!.

My name is Jumadil, my clients called me MADIL, I am a trekking guide with a vast experience to guide and support many trekkings on the Mount Rinjani National Park. With our very best team we will serve and support your trekking to the summit of Mount Rinjani, and give you a memorable experience.

I live and grown-up in the village at the base of Mount Rinjani. In my life, I have witnessed the last four eruptions of Mount Rinjani.

My father was a trekking guide and since I was a child, he always took me to the peak of Mount Rinjani. It gave me a vast advantages and experiences as a trekking guide because I know every part of the mountain, so I could guide all the clients to the peak and returned them safely.
Rinjani Expedition

Rinjani has giving so much to our family, my team and the people in the village around it. In return, we need to preserve the mountain and keep the spectacular view for the coming generations. As an eco-trekking service provide, we do have our own eco-trekking policy,
  • We minimize cutting a tree to make fire during camping.
  • Only use portable kerosene stove to cook.
  • Take all our trashes back to the base camp, especially the non-biodegradable trashes.
  • Dig hole for toilet tent as far as possible from water resources.
In short, we take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.


Hotline: +6281907151563
E-Mail: madilexpedition2@gmail.com

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